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~Juicer Pulp 4 Ingredient HORSE TREATS~

I'm always looking for ways to use up juicer pulp.  I've added it to smoothies, used it in cake and even fed it to our chickens.  Today, though, when I made a carrot-cantaloupe juice for breakfast, a new idea popped into my mind. In the past, I've given my horses plain old raw juicer pulp… Continue reading ~Juicer Pulp 4 Ingredient HORSE TREATS~

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Is Horseback Riding A Vegan Activity?

I love my horse more than anything else on this planet. I also value my choice to be vegan and treat all animals with kindness. I keep seeing pictures and even blog posts popping up everywhere saying that horseback riding is the exploitation of an animal and therefore isn't vegan.  And if I'm honest, that bothers… Continue reading Is Horseback Riding A Vegan Activity?