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My First Half Marathon – Vegan Style!

Wow guys. It has been forever since I updated. To be fair, I've been really busy. But that's no excuse! So, what's been going on in my life? I'm in college online. The first semester is almost over! I adopted a dog (more on that soon). And I've been running like crazy. As you can tell… Continue reading My First Half Marathon – Vegan Style!

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Mexican Hot Chocolate Nice Cream

It's a dreary day.  Not exactly cold, just gray and rainy and definitely the kind of day that requires a chocolatey pick-me-up.  And while I had frozen bananas and cocoa powder ready for precisely this kind of mood, something told me that plain old chocolate nice cream wasn't going to cut it. Surveying the counter, I… Continue reading Mexican Hot Chocolate Nice Cream

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Vegetarian Family: The End

  April 30th marked the end of my family's meatless month. It hasn't exactly been a crazy journey.  We eat less meat than the average family anyway, and it's not like ordering a pizza without pepperoni is a sacrifice for anyone.  With the exception of my father attempting to sneak into McDonalds late one night,… Continue reading Vegetarian Family: The End

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The Proof Is In The (Vegan) Pudding

So many people believe that a vegan diet is unhealthy.  When I first made my decision to stop eating meat and, later on, all animal products, people acted like I was doing something life threatening and irrational.  I couldn't understand why.  To put it in the words of one of my friends: "You're only eating… Continue reading The Proof Is In The (Vegan) Pudding

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Cantering Out The Crazies: Exercise For Mental Health

Spring is a wild time for everyone, horses and humans included.  After a winter of being cooped up in the barn or house, most of us have one of two problems:  We're either raring to go...or we're not. Fargo is dealing with the first problem.  This afternoon, after a long day of wind and sunshine,… Continue reading Cantering Out The Crazies: Exercise For Mental Health