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Vegetarian Family: The End

  April 30th marked the end of my family's meatless month. It hasn't exactly been a crazy journey.  We eat less meat than the average family anyway, and it's not like ordering a pizza without pepperoni is a sacrifice for anyone.  With the exception of my father attempting to sneak into McDonalds late one night,… Continue reading Vegetarian Family: The End

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My Vegetarian Family (For One Month)

In my last post I talked about how difficult it can be to live a plant-based lifestyle in a meat eating family.  I'm so grateful for my own family, who have been incredibly supportive of my decision to be a vegetarian and now a vegan. And when I say supportive, they've taken it all the way:… Continue reading My Vegetarian Family (For One Month)

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How To Be A Vegan Teen In A Meat Eating Family

If you're considering becoming a vegan or even a vegetarian, this question is probably weighing on your mind. And if you're already a vegan in an omnivorous family, then it's definitely a problem you contend with. The truth is, meat eaters like to eat meat.  You can't expect your family to immediately embrace your lifestyle.  In… Continue reading How To Be A Vegan Teen In A Meat Eating Family