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How I Transitioned To Veganism

In October of 2016 I became a vegetarian after reading Diet For A New America by John Robbins.  It was an overnight change, and, to be honest, I thought that was the end of it.

By January of 2017, though, I realized that I was longing for more.  I knew that cutting out meat wasn’t necessarily the start of a healthier diet, and I hadn’t been eating that great.  After a January Whole30 with my mother, I decided that dairy really made me sick. After eating it, I had acne breakouts and a headache.  So by February, I had cut that out as well.

At this point, though, I still held the mainstream opinion that vegans were crazy extremists.  I understood that factory farms were horrific places, but at the same time, we owned healthy, free-range chickens.  I could see how happy they were.  Why would I give up my breakfast omelet?

At this point, I quit factory farm eggs, but kept eating eggs from our chickens.  This was working really well for me.  I felt amazing, looked great and didn’t think I needed anything else.

But something kept slipping into my mind.  The word vegetarian couldn’t describe the thought that went into deciding what animal products I would and wouldn’t use.  I was eating eggs less and less; the thought of them made me almost sick.  Why not make one little change and slide into the world of veganism?

After tons of research, I realized that of course this was the right decision.  I could still have pizza, mac’n’cheese, and ice cream.  It would just be a healthier version.

On March 1st, 2017, I started the first official day of veganism.  And although it hasn’t been long, I have never been more happy with any life decision.  My skin is almost perfect, my weight consistent, my workouts better – and I feel an incredible sense of joy, in and out.

If you’ve been thinking about veganism, I hope this inspires you to make the change now and live the compassionate and beautiful life that you deserve.


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