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Vegetarian Family: The End


April 30th marked the end of my family’s meatless month.

It hasn’t exactly been a crazy journey.  We eat less meat than the average family anyway, and it’s not like ordering a pizza without pepperoni is a sacrifice for anyone.  With the exception of my father attempting to sneak into McDonalds late one night, no one has had any intense cravings.

Some things changed.  My mother bought a ham to serve our family…but two of my brothers don’t want to eat it because of a recent biology class on worms found in pork. My youngest brother is considering a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

And some things didn’t change.  No one gained or lost any significant amount of weight. We didn’t save or lose money.  Everyone was just as satisfied or dissatisfied with their meals as any other month.  My father is really, really happy to get back to meat.  And when my mother made buffalo chicken for dinner tonight, it was only the two of us who didn’t eat it.

But over the past 30 days, I think we all learned a lot about compassion as well as health.  I, for one, have realized just how unnecessary meat is, not just in my diet, but that of my parents and younger siblings.

If you’re considering a vegetarian month for your own family, here are some examples of what we ate a lot of:

Baked potatoes and sweet potatoes

Veggie and cheese burritos

Pasta with veggies and sauce

Soup with rice or quinoa stirred in


All of these meals are cheap, easy and quick!  They worked really well for us over the past month.

Is a vegetarian or even vegan month possible for you and your family?


Stay happy and healthy!

~Shyla and Fargo




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