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ACTUALLY Cheap Vegan Living

I follow a lot of vegan Youtubers and bloggers and although I enjoy their content, I’m often horrified at the cost of their acai bowls or raw cheesecakes.  Everyone knows that eating raw, mostly raw, or even just healthy vegan can be expensive, but I was really disappointed to see one of my favorite Youtubers post a video about eating raw on “just $20 a day”.

I don’t think the average person can afford to spend $20 a day on food, and often videos like that will discourage them from even trying.  While I’m not currently eating raw, I have been upping my intake of raw foods, while staying relatively cheap.  And the more I think about it, the more I want people to know that a plant-based diet is TOTALLY affordable.  Here’s some examples:

  • Last week I found “overripe” bananas on sale for $0.28 a pound.  I bought all they had – 4 pounds – for just over a dollar.  The brown, splotchy bananas were perfectly sweet once peeled.  Smoothie bowls and nice cream breakfasts for a week!
  • A lot of time fresh fruit in NY can be expensive, but today the normally pricey, $4 melons were BOGO.  I got a cantaloupe and a honeydew for $3.99 total!
  • Last month, when my family was still eating meat, my mom was buying 3 pounds of steak – $20.  She also had 3 pound bag of sweet potatoes – $2.  Basically, you could buy 10 times the amount of sweet potatoes, an amazing vegan staple, for the price of that steak.

Vegan living doesn’t have to be expensive.  Look for deals and eat PLANT-BASED foods and you’ll be eating healthy on far, far less than $20 a day.


Stay happy and healthy!

~Shyla and Fargo



2 thoughts on “ACTUALLY Cheap Vegan Living”

  1. you can put the bananas in the freezer and use them later for smoothies. The peel will turn ALL black from the freezer but the fruit is still good for smoothies!

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