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How To Be A Vegan Teen In A Meat Eating Family

If you’re considering becoming a vegan or even a vegetarian, this question is probably weighing on your mind.

And if you’re already a vegan in an omnivorous family, then it’s definitely a problem you contend with.

The truth is, meat eaters like to eat meat.  You can’t expect your family to immediately embrace your lifestyle.  In fact, you can’t expect them to embrace it at all!  And you certainly can’t throw a fit when not every dinner consists of salads and green smoothies.

However, there are some practical tips to help you live a plant-based lifestyle without putting unnecessary stress on you or your family.

  • Start cooking more.  Vegan Pizza?  A huge, fresh salad stocked with veggies? Anyone can enjoy these foods, and if you start proving to your family that vegan meals can be delicious and normal, they’ll be way more supportive.
  • Have “quick” and already prepared meals.  And I don’t mean fast food.  If your family is eating bacon and eggs for breakfast, have bananas ready in the freezer for smoothies.  If you cook up a huge batch of vegan soup that no one else eats, freeze it for that next mac’n’cheese or hamburger dinner you know is coming.  Preparation will prevent a whole ton of drama later on!
  • Rely on the vegan staples.  Beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes and frozen veggies are all healthy and inexpensive foods that can replace meat in any meal!
  • Lead by example.  If you want to continue your vegan lifestyle, then make sure you’re doing it right:  Don’t rely on meat replacements and coconut milk ice-cream. Heck, most potato chips are vegan!  Instead, eat plants, drink lots of water, and let those around you witness your amazing health!  You will feel better and those around you will be much more apt to support you.

Most of all, if you’re a vegan teen struggling in a meat eaters’ world, remember that there are so many out there who have succeeded before you.  Do your research and help avoid the stress that comes from nothing to eat and no time to cook it.

In my next post, I’ll talk more about omnivorous families.  More specifically: My Family Goes Vegetarian For ONE MONTH!


Stay happy and healthy!

~Shyla and Fargo


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